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Integra delivers the most flexible and scalable networks and delivers them in a cost effective manner that allows you to focus on building your business.
Integra provides 24x7x365 Technical Support, Next Day Hardware Replacement, and Return to Factory Repair programs and remote support services to keep your network running and minimize downtime.
Integra is an expert at planning and executing network decommissions to make way for the next generation. Our Engineering and Installation teams can install and provision the new equipment, plan and execute the MOPs for physical and logical grooms and circuit migrations, and decommission and remove the old network.

We Expand, Maintain and Monetize Your Network

  • Engineering and Design
  • Site Surveys
  • Telecom Installation
  • Provisioning and Turn-Up
  • Testing and Acceptance
  • Fiber Optic Characterization
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • Next Day Hardware Replacement
  • Return to Factory Repair
  • On Site Support
  • First Line Maintenance (FLM)
  • Bulk Software Upgrades
  • Topology Changes and Cutovers
  • Planning and Execution
  • Physical and Logical Grooms
  • Network Decommissioning
  • Removal, Disposal and Recycle


is at the


of everything we do.


Project Management

IBIS is an enterprise project management application that revolutionizes remote project management. Reduces complexity, time and money, by streamlining project communication from on-site smartphone technology to an online project management software platform, our partners can view the status of every project anytime, anywhere. IBIS provides real-time information, images, and reporting needed to make informed and collaborative decisions.

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Real Time Reporting

IBIS believes that mistakes should be visible and success should be celebrated. IBIS creates an unprecedented level of project management transparency. IBIS sets a new standard in project communication with a social media format for assigning tasks, reporting work done, and getting information to and from the decision makers. If the work is being done close to home or across the globe, when the task has started and completed, you know if there is a problem or delay.

powered by IBIS




every project with



  • Thank you Integra.  It was such a pleasure working with Danny.  He did an amazing job on the install  with everything that needed to go in the rack in such a short time.

    Manager Network Implementation and Construction
  • Thanks to all your team for supporting the inspections efforts on behalf of Cisco and WWT for Verizon. This isn’t the most glamorous of stuff to do, but it is extremely important and requires concentration and a lot of detail.  The guys have been super in their support.  Great attitudes, great work ethic – they just grind out and get it done!

    John Blaney IIIConsulting Systems Engineer

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