Integra deploys the most flexible and scalable network available.

With the user consuming data like never before, Integra can enable you to deliver services and solutions on demand. Deploying voice, data and video requires high levels of consultation, engineering, and management.

Engineering and Design
Site Surveys and Audits
EF&I - Telecom
Provisioning and Commissioning
Final Test and Acceptance
Structured Cable
Optical Fiber Instillation
DC Power Instillation
Fiber Characterization and Bandwidth Testing

Integra will perform these services rapidly and at a significant cost savings.

Engineering Services

Integra’s team of engineers provides design and execution services required to ensure your network implementation is completed right and on time. We offer a full turnkey solution which includes site surveys, engineering services and network documentation. With end-to-end capabilities, Integra can implement all phases of telecommunications networks. Our engineers ensure your success with the right materials and right design every time.

Site Audits

By partnering with Integra Powered by IBIS, you can rest assured that the records of your facility are complete and accurate. Real time data, crew check-in check out. Pre, In progress,  and completed work photos uploaded real time and available to review prior to our departure from the site.


Integra has a staff of highly trained engineering professionals who perform quality audits on every project. Our experts dedicate themselves to ensuring our customers get the quality they expect and need to meet the demands of their end-users. We are committed to providing superior services. Integra is ISO9000 certified.


Integra supplies the BOM and the materials that your network requires. We provide the highest quality installation materials which make requisition and delivery a stress-free component in your project planning and implementation cycle. Our team of materials acquisition specialists combined with our distributed warehouse facilities are the key to reaching your network’s optimal capacity.


Integra’s installation craftsmen take pride in building your network to the highest industry standards. Our team follows Bellcore standards as well as customized solutions to meet your internal standards and practices. We Rack and Stack into cabinets or racks in your facility or ours.



At Integra, we use our distributed warehousing network and logistics professionals to remove one of the most difficult portions of a project’s lifecycle: logistics. When you choose Integra as your partner, you no longer have to worry about delivery, assembly or distribution of your network hardware because we have it covered.

Provisioning and Commissioning

A quality deployment is not complete until the network is operating to the specifications of the equipment providers. Integra’s highly trained professionals will certify your network when it meets the exact design criteria and network architecture requirements.

Fiber Characterization
Integra is a full service fiber characterization provider. We use only trained, seasoned professionals in this critical building block of the modern communication network. By providing a suite of testing procedures that are the most thorough in the industry, we will ensure the long term success of your network.
DC Power Installation

Integra’s DC Power Installation Services team understands that the power for your network is crucial to your success. We are experts with deep experience in designing, deploying and supporting integrated power solutions that deliver optimal results.


Structured Cable
Integra has over 10 years’ experience designing and installing structured cabling networks. All cabling and layouts are done in accordance with the TIA-586A/B wiring standards and performed by certified technicians. We use nothing but the highest quality of materials and guarantee all our work. Remodels and new construction. Nationwide.

Major Oem's Supported

We Expand, Maintain and Monetize Your Network

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