Integra is an expert at planning and executing network decommissions to make way for the next generation.

Our Engineering and Installation teams can install and provision the new equipment, plan and execute the MOPs for physical and logical grooms and circuit migrations, and decommission and remove the old network.

Recover maximum value from your end-of-life and surplus telecom networks with Integra’s fully managed end-to-end Asset Recovery service. Working in partnership with our world class Partners and Operators, we enable our customers to maximize the value remaining in excess and obsolete assets through our comprehensive Recovery, Reuse, Resale and Recycling capabilities. We operate a true end-to-end framework solution including asset removal, valuation, processing, storage and sale, and leverage significant value through asset tracking, audit trail and environmental compliance.

Real-Time Tracking
Migration, Reuse Rep Repurpose
Recycling/Disposition Documents and Certificates

We make way for the next generation by reclaiming space and power, migrating, reusing,
repurposing, where possible and deploying the new.


Integra can remove obsolete equipment from your technical facilities to allow conversion to modern network environments. Partner with Integra and let us help you make the most efficient use of your space and retired gear.

R2 Recycling

Our recycling facility in Madison, Illinois has a Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) Certification assuring specific safety standards for the recycling of electronics.

Major Oem's Supported

We Expand, Maintain and Monetize Your Network

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